What to Expect During Tooth Extractions

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What to Expect During Tooth Extractions

Your Santa Cruz Dentist understands that the idea of getting a tooth pulled can be quite intimidating and anxiety inducing.  In spite of the fact that people undergo tooth extractions in Downtown Santa Cruz every day, some people find themselves tied in knots over undergoing this standard dental procedure throughout the days leading up to their appointment.  If you’re one of the many Santa Cruz, CA residents who is finding themselves shaken up before a tooth extraction, it might be valuable to take some time to understand just what to expect out of your procedure – knowing what you’re in for is a great way to ensure a more peaceful experience.

Tooth Extractions

Tooth Extractions – Santa Cruz Dentist

First, your doctor will likely give you a local anesthetic to numb the area from where the tooth will be extracted.  If you’re getting multiple teeth removed, it is possible that your care provider will give you a general anesthetic, which will put you to sleep for the procedure.  If you’re conscious, you may feel some slight pressure during tooth extractions, but there should be no pain.  Depending on your personal situation, you may or may not need stitches once the tooth has been extracted.  Don’t worry, though – with the anesthetics, you won’t feel a thing.  Once the surgical portion of the procedure has ended, your doctor will likely ask you to bite down on a bit of gauze to stop any bleeding.

Following tooth extractions, the removed tooth or teeth can be replaced with several different items.  It’s up to you and your doctor as to which one you receive.  You may want an implanted false tooth to replace the extracted one, dentures to replace multiple extracted teeth, or a bridge, which fills in space from multiple tooth removal in a row.  Everyone is different, but if you ask any of your Santa Cruz neighbors, you’re sure to find someone who can give you some insight on their own dental procedures in the past!

For the first few days after your procedure, it may be helpful to avoid solid or crunchy foods, or foods that are difficult to chew.  Take the opportunity to enjoy your favorite softer foods like pudding, soup, jell-o, etc… it is also helpful to clean your mouth after each meal by swishing with salt water, which can both help to remove food particles from the open area as well as disinfect your mouth.  It is also very important to remember to change your gauze pads often, as bacteria can begin to grow and may cause an infection in the affected area.

All in all, tooth extractions should not be a terribly scary ordeal!  Just remember to relax and try to make it through the surgery without worrying so much – it’s all over in a snap and you’ll be back to normal before you know it.

For more information about tooth extractions in Santa Cruz CA, contact Santa Cruz Dentists today at 831-423-3346.  At Heit Family Dentistry, we handle your tooth extraction procedure with expertise and care.   Local residents, as well as those located throughout metropolitan Santa Cruz, Capitola, Scotts Valley, San Jose, and Soquel, will find that we are conveniently located near at 903 Cedar Street.



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