Why You Should Remember Dental Flossing?

Importance Dental Flossing

You’re may be very tired of hearing your Santa Cruz dentist tell you to floss your teeth time and time again. Flossing, to us laymen, can seem like a step that can be skipped. Well, you could not be more wrong on this matter. Flossing is very important, as your Richmond dentists tend to drum in your ears. Our Santa Cruz dentist informs all of his patients about health benefits that one can get from flossing. Through the many dental appointments that we’ve had, we’ve learned some of them by heart. Although flossing may have so many other positive effects, these are the ones that we feel are most important and relevant.
1. Regular flossing is still the best way to remove plaque from the mouth. When plaque is removed, you also lessen the chances of bacteria build up. When there is less bacteria inside the mouth, there are lesser chances of developing tooth decay, and in turn, this lessens the possibilities of gum disease. By incorporating flossing into your routine, you tend to avoid a lot of painful, not to mention expensive dental problems.

2. Flossing gives you an opportunity to examine your mouth for any swelling or redness. When you take a good look at your tongue, mouth and gums everyday, it can be quicker for you to spot changes or anything strange. Therefore, you protect yourself from having some cancers, HIV, AIDS, and other diseases from developing, as these can have symptoms of mouth or gum swelling.

3. Flossing helps prevent peritoneal disease, which has been highly linked to heart disease. The 2 diseases are connected because when you have gum inflammations, inflammatory substances tend to increase in your blood, and can put you at the risk for blot clots. The less your gums get inflamed, the less need for these inflammatory substances, and the less strain your heart has to work in allowing the blood clots to pass through.

The benefits of flossing go far and beyond the health of your teeth and gums. It may not be an exaggeration to say that flossing can help save your life! With that, we hope we have convinced you to start flossing everyday!


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